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          Cixi Yue Da Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

          Founded in 2000, the main production kitchen appliances, cleaning appliances, cable three series of products. Adhering to the "make every effort to give top-notch" spirit of enterprise, in the "integrity management, scientific development, a harmonious society", the core values of the unity, committed to the enterprise, a core competitiveness of the modern enterprise. In the process of product development, structural design, intelligent control, mold development to product assembly testing, all in strict accordance with the electrical safety and industrial environment…

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          Product Categories

          Air Fryer YD-AF01
          Air to replace the original frying pan in the hot oil, through the high-power fan in the frypot inside the formation of rapid circulation of heat flow

          Air Fryer YD-AF02
          The hot air in the closed pot to form a rapid cycle of heat flow through the top of the machine baking device to quickly heat the air, while blowing food surface water

          Air Fryer YD-AF03
          360 degree contact with the surface of the ingredients, quickly take the heat generated by the water vapor, the surface of the formation of golden crisp surface

          Air Fryer YD-AF04
          In a small space sealed with a high-temperature hair dryer continuous blowing 200 degrees of high-speed strong hot air, through the hot air collision, the heat directly to the food

          Air Fryer YD-AF06
          Beautiful effect from high-speed air convection technology, so that food fat can be reduced by at least 80%, less soot and fat to ensure the safety of fat intake

          Air Fryer YD-AF09
          Regular cooking process design, when the automatic power off, convenient and safe; integrated air filtration system, power cord storage grid to keep the kitchen clean

          Product Show

          • Air Fryer Series

            Food 360 ° all-round heat
            Quickly heat the food to fry the mouth

          • Air Fryer Series

            Patented high-speed air circulation technology, more power, faster

          • Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine

            Fruit and vegetable detoxification partner, live oxygen disinfection

          • Smoke-free carbon oven

            Korean outdoor outdoor non-smoking carbon oven, smoke-free environmental health

          • Ultrasonic humidifier

            Pure moisture humidifier, 4L large capacity / quiet operation / unlimited speed

          • 360° Humidifier

            360° Rotary steering spray, automatic water loss


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